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Vermont: A Little Bit of Heaven Here on Earth

Lush green grass, vine leaves, primitive forests and impending rainfall are the scents that dominate the small New England state called Vermont. It is also known as the Green Mountain State because of the mountain range that runs like a spine through most of its length. The name Vermont is actually a derivative of “verts monts” which is the French term for green mountains. The name of Vermont in particular is a direct reference to the fact that it is a place so close to nature being in it is like being in paradise.

Vermont is relatively small, making it the 45th among the US states as far as land area is concerned. Its population, in turn, is the second smallest among them all. This state is also the only one in New England that does not have a coastline along the Atlantic Ocean. The Green Mountains State was originally inhabited by Native American tribes and was an independent republic for 14 years, after which it became the 14th state of the United States. Farmers, hunters and loggers soon found their way to the vast regions of the state where they settled for a while before taking on the West for better land.

The state of Vermont is known for celebrating many festivals, some of which include the Vermont Maple Festival, the Marlboro Music Festival and the Mozart festival. A summertime parade called the Strolling of the Heifers is the Vermont way of celebrating its very own unique dairy culture. Vermont has also established a reputation for being a place where fine crafts are created, and traditional media like hand-fired ceramics, wood, hand-woven fabric and glassworks are infused by Vermonters with aesthetics that are even more sophisticated in nature than their contemporaries.

The three things the state of Vermont is most famous for are its scenery, dairy products and maple syrup. Maple syrup is a sweetener made from the sap of maple trees. In the year 2001, Vermont was able to produce 1,040,000 liters of real maple syrup. This figure is equal to a quarter of the whole US production of maple, making Vermont the leading producer of maple for the United States.

Part of the majestic scenery the state of Vermont is known for are the fifty-two state parks this beautiful place has to offer to anyone who wants to give his world-weary soul a break. Such respite is more than possible as the state parks of Vermont range from islands of amazing beauty to wilderness of astonishing dimensions. These parks also come complete with comforts like nice toilets and hot showers as well as playgrounds for those adorable tykes. One will find that in places such as these, relaxation is ecstasy.

Surrealistic, magnificent, splendid - these are the words that are bound to describe the place called Vermont best. Those who want to experience nature at its best will want nothing more as this place is capable of infusing tranquility into each and every weary soul that comes it way. In Vermont, one will find that Mother Nature is closer to him than ever before. It is the hand of Mother Nature which is at work while he is enjoying the vivid colors of the setting sun, the fullness of the moon during a beautiful Vermont night or the glories of the storm, all of which give him the quiet assurance that there is in fact heaven. It is called Vermont – a little bit of heaven here on earth.