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Acordia Insurance
(208) 883-5680
217 S Main St
Moscow, ID 83843
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All New Insurance
(208) 686-1505
PO Box 426
Plummer, ID 83851
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Carlson Insurance
(208) 772-8531
PO Box 2257
Hayden, ID 83835
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David Colpron Insurance
(208) 693-2959
PO Box 44375
Boise, ID 83711
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Erwin C Markhart Insurance Inc
(208) 772-8321
21 W Commerce Dr
Hayden, ID 83835
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Farm Bureau Insurance
(208) 882-1531
530 S Asbury St Ste 3
Moscow, ID 83843
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Farm Bureau Insurance
(208) 245-5568
414 Main Ave
Saint Maries, ID 83861
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Farm Bureau Insurance
(208) 267-5502
PO Box 1387
Bonners Ferry, ID 83805
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Farm Bureau Insurance
(208) 772-6662
6912 N Government Way
Coeur D Alene, ID 83815
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Farm Bureau Mutual Insurance
(208) 289-3462
PO Box 284
Kendrick, ID 83537
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Idaho: Handy Bits and Pieces of Information to Enrich your Knowledge

Situated on the North Western area of the United Sates, Idaho has one of the most colorful histories reflected on its culture as well as the landmarks that geographically set it apart from other US states.


The name Idaho is a fictional name which means “gem of the mountains”, a word coined by George M. Willing. Controversies arise upon discovery that it was just a product of imagination. The name was changed to Colorado but after several deliberations, the former name was still chosen. It formally assumed the name Idaho in the year 1863.

On August 12, 1805, the Lewis and Clark expedition set its foot on the territory and was openly welcomed by the natives inhabiting the area. The impressive features and resources found on the territory enticed other European hunters and travelers to visit the area. It served as the ground for hunting bison and other wild animals. The area is also rich in minerals together with the rich fertile soil that required further irrigation. The land was developed through the coming of other settlers and migrants. Until now, it is one of the stand-out features that Idaho proudly possesses.

Idaho was organized as a territory in 1863 with an estimated total population of 17,000 inhabitants. Idaho is formerly part of the Oregon Territory which was later on named as the Washington territory which served as the home for missionary works that aimed to evangelize and educate the first settlers of the area. Franklin was the first town organized in 1860 with Mormon missionaries as the first settlers.

Through the act signed by President Abraham Lincoln on March 4, 1863, Idaho formally became a territory of the United States. Establishment of schools, buildings and railroads enrich the life of the natives together with the new settler peacefully living together paved way to the growth of the state. In 1865, Idaho’s capital was moved from Lewiston to Boise.


Idaho is formed and shaped by the natural forces during and after the prehistoric times. Most landscapes are product of the daily volcanic activities. The state is surrounded with mountains, plains and rivers which serve as the habitat for other creatures and animals including the gigantic mammoths and dinosaurs.

The huge storage of resources provided daily living for ancient habitants and natives specifically the Native American tribes.

The daily volcanic territory of the prehistoric times is evident on the hot springs and many other hot spots that adorned Idaho area. Discovered on the sites are dinosaur fossils which became one of the great aids to scientists in discovering the type of creatures and life forms that existed during the times. Well known sites located in Idaho are the Hagerman Fossil Bed national Monument, Fossil Butte National Monument in Wyoming and Dinosaur National Park in Colorado and Utah.

Cities and Towns

The urbanized area of Idaho states is made up of Blackfoot, Burley Coeur d'Alene, Idaho Falls, Lewiston, Meridian, Moscow , Mountain Home, Nampa, Pocatello, Post Falls, Rexburg and Twin Falls. Other towns and cities such as the Sun Valley, Island Park, Driggs, St Anthon, Rathdrum, Kellogg, Wallace and Mullan are also notable areas for tourists and visitors.

Idaho Facts and Trivia

The world famous Western Red Cedar tree, the largest tree in the state, is found on Elk River Idaho. The tree is approximately 3000 years old with a diameter of 18 feet and height of 177 feet.

Anyone who wants to give a box of candy to any Idaho citizen must be careful enough and must make sure that the box will not weigh more than 50 pounds or else he will be punished by the state since it is prohibited by the Idaho law.