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“The First State” – Discovering Delaware

More than anything else, Delaware is known for being the very first state in the original thirteen colonies. The state of Delaware can be found on the east coast of the United States of America with the Atlantic Ocean and the Delaware river bordering its east side. Together with Maryland and Virginia, they form the triumvirate of states that is the Delmarva Peninsula, a group of states that has shorelines that stretch the mid-Atlantic to the south Atlantic coast of America. Delaware mostly features a topography that lies on a mostly level plain. A part of the northern area of Delaware is hilly with the rest of the land area being rolling plains with occasional lakes and rivers.

What is important about Delaware is the history it represents. In this state you will learn about our forefathers surge to arms to defend their country against British rule. Europeans was the first outside settlers around the area establishing a Dutch trading post. Years after, Swedes came in to establish a new colony and named it as the New Sweden. Not long after, the name “Delaware” was officially in commemoration of Thomas West, 3rd Baron De La Warr, and the Governor of the Colony of Virginia. Delaware went into arms alongside the other twelve members of the original thirteen colonies to fight for freedom against British rule in the American Revolution. By 1972 it declared itself as the State of Delaware. The capital of Delaware today is Dover.

Delaware has its share in the agricultural industry in producing poultry, nursery stock, soybeans, dairy products and corn. In the industrial aspect, Delaware dwells on chemical products, processed foods, paper products, rubber and plastic products. The economy of Delaware gets a big boost from the bi companies that has opened in their state, many banks has their headquarters in this area and operates largely and employs many citizens of the state. Scientific products used for everyday nees are also being developed and manufactured in the area, there is also the manufacture of motor vehicles and their parts.

Many educational trips can be done in Delaware. Patriotism and pride and honor for country can be felt in this area. Many museums are dedicated to preserving those artifacts that many trips are required to fully comprehend and appreciate them all. Aside from the historical value housed in many museums and national monuments erected in memory of those significant times, there are many other things to do in Delaware. Many state parks have ben erected to preserve the natural beauty of the state. Many beaches are declared as state parks to preserve their beauty and make it a wondrous and relaxing place to visit and enjoy.

There are also many attractions that can be toured in Delaware. Erected in Lewes is the legendary fountain of youth, said to be discovered by the first Dutch settlers in the area. It is now dry but still is visited by many tourists and curious onlookers. Many events in the Delaware calendar entice people to vsisit the area, like the Punkin’ Chunkin’ competition held annualy in Lewes, Delaware. Other cities and counties showcase memorbilias and monuments that hold significant historical value. Such as old prison for confederate soldiers, replica of the Liberty Bell, a Bicentennial memorial park, Zwaanendael museum and lots of others. Check out your local travel agency and discover the wonders of Delaware.