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(479) 452-6311
5111 Rogers Ave # 516
Fort Smith, AR 72903
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(870) 777-6602
PO Box 1047
Hope, AR 71802
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American Life & Annuity Co
(479) 751-3891
705 W Meadow Ave
Springdale, AR 72764
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Arkansas Insurance Brokerage
(501) 664-5313
1701 N University Ave
Little Rock, AR 72207
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Cbs Insurance
(870) 391-2274
205 W Ridge Ave
Harrison, AR 72601
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Citizens Fidelity Insurance
(479) 705-8708
21 S Sherwood Plz
Clarksville, AR 72830
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Cross Agency Inc
(870) 946-4686
PO Box 650
De Witt, AR 72042
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De Witt Insurance
(870) 946-4671
PO Box 632
De Witt, AR 72042
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Duane Davis Insurance
(870) 673-6965
620 S Main St
Stuttgart, AR 72160
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Farm Bureau Insurance
(870) 368-7368
PO Box 218
Melbourne, AR 72556
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Arkansas – The Natural State

Arkansas is proud of its nickname, “The Natural State”. They are prominently and significantly displayed in their state tourism advertising boasting of their many natural wonders that many nature lovers will surely appreciate. In Arkansas you will see a bounty of mountains and valleys, thick forests and plains fertile with flora and fauna. This eye catching state has mountains on both its northwestern and southern region divided in between by the Mississippi river. The Southern and Eastern parts of Arkansas is called the lowlands or better known as the Delta and the Grand Prairie.

The Delta tag is derived from the rich deposits of alluvial soil brought upon by numerous flooding of the Mississippi river. The Delta is the lands found along the Mississippi river. A little bit further is the Grand Prairie, both of which are very fertile area of lands that are used for the much needed crops of agriculture that bolster Arkansas’ economy. To bolster its claim as the Natural State, Arkansas is the only state wherein naturally formed diamonds can be found all over the United States of America. Many caves also call Arkansas its home, caves such as the Blanchard Springs Caverns. National parks that serve as primary tourist destinations are the Buffalo National River and the Hot Springs National Park.

Arkansas is a state found in the southern area of the Untied States of America. First settled in by Native Americans, French discoverers named it according to historians and the name Arkansas is probably a phonetic spelling for the French term for downriver people based upon its native settlers, the Quapaw tribe which had settled along the Mississippi river. Arkansas has a rich heritage brought upon by the settling of the French, Spain and eventually the United States of America. Arkansas became a member of the United States first on June 15, 1836 as its 25th member but only as a slave state. On May 6, 1861, Arkansas bolted from the union due to the American Civil War. Seven years after, congress readmitted Arkansas along with Louisiana, Georgia, Florida, Alabama and North and South Carolina back into the union.

The Arkansas Flag alone, adopted in 1913, proudly shows its heritage with its design. A prominent diamond can be seen on a red field showing its distinction as the only state where diamonds can be naturally found. Twenty five stars adorn it to signify its being the twenty fifth state of the nation. Four more stars shows its being a member of the confederate states and three more shows its being occupied by three different nations, France, Spain and the United States.

Arkansas’ economy is based largely on its natural production as well as some on their industrial production. Its agricultural outputs include diamonds, eggs and poultry, cotton, cattle, rice, soybeans, milk and hogs. Industrially, Arkansas is into producing electric equipments, fabricated metal products, machinery, paper products and food processing. Although Arkansas doesn’t have any auto manufacturing plants, a boom of auto parts manufacturing has been recently recorded.

Many notable and famous people from Arkansas has given pride to its state, this includes World War II hero five-star general Douglas MacArthur, world famous writer John Grisham, actor Alan Ladd and Broncho Billy, Singer Johnny Cash, and a lot more.

A tourist vacation in Arkansas would be a very endearing experience, you will see all the natural resources that makes Arkansas a homey state that opens its arms to every visitors with their warm hospitality and their great food.